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'Die Reise in die Hoffnung / Viaggio' - Danse Theater (2019) Set, Light design for Theater Trier

Choreography, Direction: Roberto Scafati
Scenography: Yoko Seyama
Costume: Rosa Ana Chanzá
Composition: Flavio Pescosolido

Duration : 70 min
Premiere: 09. March 2019 at Theater Trier, GERMANY



Die Reise in die Hoffnung

What does ‚Home‘ mean?
In March 2011, I saw the images on media, a mass of houses are swept away by Tsunami in Northen Japan, and there was nothing left on that land afterward. I thought a house is supposed to be a place as 'Home' which is supposed to protect you, but it wasn't. A house can be fragile, and it is only an object. I have been migrating in different places, also working in different countries, I am hardly in my based town. 'Where is my home?', This question brought me to 'Home is what you dream, what you remember, what you imagine', it can be something in your mind not necessary as a place or an object. It does not have to be even reachable.
From those thoughts, I made the popup house with a universal form of 'house', made of industrial paper material, in most popular size DIN A4 with the sign of 'Inaccessible Home', which can be easily destroyed but stays as only a metaphor of 'Home'.

When I heard about this project, I thought of bringing my paper house project 'Inaccessible Home' adapted to the new concept.
What we are faced nowadays, seeing war victims and refugees on media, but these nomadic movements are happening all over the world in human history. Somehow we try to feel it close, and somehow we feel unreal. Therefore if I bring this paper popup house for this piece, through the audience and performers experience of those metaphoric houses, we might have a chance to share the feeling of 'Home' but very individual for each people and find each hope.






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