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'Afterimage' - dance piece (2019) Set and Costume design for National Dance Company Wales

Choreography: Fernando Melo
Artistic collaborator: Shumpei Nemoto
Set and Costumes: Yoko Seyama
Light: Peter Lundin
Duration: 20min
Premiere: 1 March 2019 at Newport, UK


Afterimage is a journey of fleeting images; of appearance and disappearance. Mirrors are used on stage to form a unique theatrical experience where the past and the present collide with a poetic & creative style of dance.

This is the second piece which I collaborated with a choreographer Fernando Melo. We have been working with the reflective effect of Mirror. By controlling its transparency by light, matching the images of reflection and transparency creates the illusion of scenarios of appearance and disappearance. The colours of the costumes are essential to create those illusions effectively.

The first piece is called 'Pepper's Ghost', performed by Norrdans, Sweden. > Pepper's Ghost




Drawings and Stage rehearsal



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