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Women 17/27 (2018) Scenography and Light design, Video for EBB Junior

Stage Direction and dramaturg: Jean-Philippe Dury
Choreography:27 Company dancers
Scenography and Light, Video design:Yoko Seyama
Premieres on the 13 March 2018 at Teatro Conde Duque Madrid, Spain



WOMEN 17/27
It is a collective work by 27 women (all dancers from EBB junior) from 17 to 27 years old creating together.
They come from different countries: Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Venezuela, Australia.
Thirty bodies and minds that must agree to return to the shared home: his own body.
They start with guidelines for creation, delimit spaces, themes, groups, alone. They write their biography.
The leadership goes from one to the other to express their feelings, to guide the collective or to abandon
in the space. Each one of them can make the words of Gata-Cattana in the rap The seven against Thebes: WOMEN 17/27

"My freedom does not fit even in white silver cages
I do not recognize authority beyond my body. "


This piece was created as a part of the international women's day festival 'Danza Ellas Crean'18' in Madrid.
I have visualized the scenography based on their (27 dancers) concept.
20 kg dried seaweeds were on stage. I wished to have the seaweed fully coverd on stage, while dancerd are dancing their choreography, the seaweeds will be wiped away. In the last scene, shower water is falling on stage to make the seaweed wet to give the strong smell to the audience. As seaweeds is the row material and often collected by women in the coastline in the World.
However due to the theater circumstances, it was not possible unfortunately.

Video assistant: Elsa Mancagli


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