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'Was Bleibt' - dance piece (2018) Set design for Staats Ballet Berlin

Choreography: Gentian Doda
Music:Joaquín Segade
Sets: Yoko Seyama (Video Projection)
Costumes: Angelo Alberto
Light Design: Nicolás Fischtel
Duration: 40min
Premiere: 24 May 2018 at Komische Oper Berlin, GERMANY

Scenography of WAS BLEIBT

The choreographer Gentian Doda and I have started working on this creation one year before the Premiere.
My work is visualizing his image in the space on stage. He first had an idea for scenography, having pillars that connect the lower world and upper world. I proposed the pillars that do not function as supporting contractually but as supporting our mind. After some investigation by making some models, I came up with the flexible material which I frequently use. The vertical lines on stage are made of Elastic thread, which represents the tensions of the world or represents the structure of nerve system. The lines are connecting from down floor to upper sky, some lines are in dense some are apart, dense lines look like the pillars. However they are flexible and stretchable elastic, therefore the tension can be destroyed and reconstructed it's new structure by pulling them. The first inspiration was the world of Zone, from the film 'Stalker' by Tarkovsky. So the lines can be represented as pillars at the same time they can look like the falling skylight.

While Gentian was developing his dramaturg, he was thinking of representing the world of loneliness which a man can have. Human beings are living in the society however this society make the feeling of one single person completely in the shelter to be alone. Gentian brought me a catalogue of Francis bacon. In the paintings of Bacon, there are many human figures surrounded by lines of cubes like in a room, but most of the times the cubes are twisted. With the vertical lines of elastics, I had created the twisted room.

The elastic threats are spread in the space with certain rules in distance, therefore it has clear patterns. However, the rhythmical spacing were taken away as much as possible like a sculpturing. After all becomes more random and a sort of organic pattern. Using the artificial industrial material were arranged in abandoned it's artificial spacing which remains as 'ruin of artificial pattern'. In the end, this elastic work became most minimal, but more unique and sophisticated.

During the piece, the sceneries are constantly changing by reformations of the line structures, which changes the definitions of space, society, human relationship. Going through the time, we were trying to show the Fragility of stable statements.




Model Study and Stage rehearsal



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