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Colour Spin - Yellow (2018) Prototype / Kinetic light sculpture

Material : Dichroic Glass (Yellow), Acryl Glass, Metal chain, Motor, Microcontroller, Bearing, Discharge light
Dimension : variable
Presentation : Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin at malzfabrik berlin on 8-9 December 2018

This installation consists of a glass kinetic mobile with two discharge light sources.
Using only one colour dichroic glass, I have been working this prototype mobile sculpture. Structurally, the mobile is supposed to collect the wind energy to turn. For this prototype, the programmed motor create the motion for its turn. The different angles of one kind of dichroic glass create the various combination of colours, and these light spread the light 360 degrees.
I have presented this kinetic light mobile for the Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin 2018. This mobile illuminates the space with the colourful dynamic lights projected on the ceiling.



Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin 2018







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