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Beethoven Sonata (2017) Scenography for The New National Ballet of Japan

Choreography: Megumi Nakamura
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven (Supervision: Mika Nozawa)
Light design: Hisashi Adachi
Set design: Yoko Seyama
Costume design: Izumi Yamada
Stage Manager: Hajime Morioka  
Dancer: The National Ballet of Japan, Yasuyuki Syuto
Premiered on 18. March 2017 at The New National Theater Tokyo, Japan 


For the scenography of 'Beethoven Sonata' (Choreography by former NDT dancer Megumi Nakamura, The New National Ballet of Japan 2017) I sketched 8 scenes of Beethoven's life in two acts.
I focused on the 'simplicity' of the set by selecting only essentials of Beethoven's time, the 18th century to describe his dramatic scenes. With the combination of abstract elements and European ornamental objects, I tried to realize a present image for our Beethoven’s interpretation.

In the first act, a huge white fabric, reaching from upper stage to the front stage was installed as the main set. This gave us the inspirational space to represent the concrete scenes of Beethoven’s human relationships into space by distorted shadows as if they were in a dream.
In the second act, by using the depth of the 30-meter stage, layers of scenes are happening with constant change and interaction of the set and light into black space. Reflecting the white in the first act, the black is representing Beethoven’s second part of life with his struggle for his human relationship and his hearing difficulty as the contrast to people's splendid praise for his works at that time.




Set with a huge streach fablic in the 1st Act


Model works Act 1

Model works Act 2



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