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SAIYAH _ Scene E / ‘Sun instigation’

Light performance in Theater

Scenographic light, sculpture and choreography
with ensemble electronics music by Benjamin Staern

' How does the color blue sound? What is the timbre of the color yellow? 'The Saiyah is a performance together with the music of Benjamin Staern, in which music, color and form is in constant harmony. A captivating interaction between music and mystical light sculptures in a continuous interacting movement. Inspiring was Staern's ability to associate music with colors, so-called synesthesia.

To notice the beauty of light, you need to create the darkness, then you can sensitize on the light that is left. In the darkness, you will also be able focusing on ‘the graduations of shadows’. You may finally notice ‘the color of darkness’ in the space.For this piece, I am focusing on the simplicity of light. In a way, I am seeing the colors as shadows of light.

There are four scenes in the piece, they are called ‘In praise of subtle phenomenon’, ‘Origin’, ‘Inter air - MA’, ‘Sun instigation’.
"It is like an opera, but without singers and lyrics. We want the visual and musical to have centre stage in order to create a bigger impression", says Saiyah’s interdisciplinary coordinator, conductor Christian Karlsen. 




photo : Marco Feklistoff


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Première May 7, 2014 at Norrlands Operan Umeå Sweden
Scenographic light, sculpture and choreography by Yoko Seyama
Music by Benjamin Staern (large ensemble, electronics)

Interdisciplinary coodination by Christian Karlsen
Object moved by Emelie Wahlman & Kenta Kojiri
Music Played by New European Ensemble
studios & Technology by NorrlandsOperans Umeå Sweden
Special thanks to: Marco Feklistoff, Pola Foundation, Dirk P Haubrich


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