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Melody Dots 14 color (2014-2018)/Melody Dots 14 non color (2016)- Installation / Kinetic light sculpture

Material : (colour) Dichroic Glass, Thread, Copper, Brass, LED spot light, light controller
               (non colour) Mirror, Thread, Copper, Brass, LED spot light, light controller
Dimention : variable (min 1.5 m x 1.5m x H 3 m)


<Melody Dots 14 color>

‘ Melody Dots 14, color’ shows the colorful lights in playful movement, reflected by the dots that are continually moving from the hanging mobile. Fourteen hanging glasses made of a unique material are splitting the frequency of light. One part of the spectrum is going through the glass plate while the other is reflected.
Also, the mixture of light in the reflection shows more variations of colors. When the light repeats its reflection between glasses, the resulting color combinations are unpredictable.


<Melody Dots 14 non color>

‘ Melody Dots 14, non color’ follows the idea of ‘ Melody Dots 14, color’, however focused on the simplicity of lights and shadows.




2018 25-28 JAN

EVI LICHITUNGEN International Light Art Biennale, Hildesheim Germany
Melody Dots 14 - color
2016 15-30 JUN GALLERY2, Auguststraße 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Melody Dots 14 - color
Melody Dots 14 - non color
2014 25-28 SEP Collective Futures Berlin at Berlin Community Radio, Germany Melody Dots 14 - color



21 July 2016 Taz.plan



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