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inaccessible home #2

in a frame


Representing 'Home' with the most popular shape of 'House'.

This paper house of 1:200 is a cut out of common industrial module printing paper. These houses can be built anywhere by anyone and they create a miniature landscape. The miniature city can grow anywhere with thousands of houses. Everyone can participate creating a house and make it a part of scenery.


In 2012, I have created a public involment installation for theater 'inaccessible home' . The public received this 'A4 Do-it-yourself house' and put them anywhere in the theater. In the end, there was a scenery of miniature city with two thousands houses in total in the space.


This piece is a limited edition of two hundred framed paper sheets.


Measurement : 210 x 294 mm (with a frame 300 x 400mm)

Material : A4 300g White Paper





at the exhibition collective Futures Berlin
Berlin Community Radio from 25th till 28th September 2014


at GALLERY2, Auguststraße 2, 10117 Berlin 15 - 30 JuLly 2016