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inaccessible home

public involvement installation


Installation/ inaccessible home

Representing 'Home' with the most popular shape of 'House'.
These are cut out of common industrial module printing paper. These houses can be built anywhere by anyone and they create a miniature landscape. The miniature city can grow anywhere with thousands of houses. Everyone can participate creating a house and make it a part of scenery.
For Brittle Failure, public receives this 'A4 Do-it-yourself house (1/200 scale)' and put them anywhere in the theater.
more about the work >inaccessible home . com

Paredes de Papel / Brittle Failure

Première November 24, 2012
at Teatro Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares, Spain. (festival Internacional de Madrid en Danza)
Choreography : Lesley Telford
installation, Scenography : Yoko Seyama
Performer : Iratxa Ansa, Clyde Archer, Fernando Carrión
Light : Loes Schakenbos

Next showing >>> Cadance festival 2013 in the Hague The Netherlands (29, 30 Jan 2013)

Collaborative project/ Brittle Failure
The sense of illusion of stability resonates in a collaboration between two artists: Lesley Telford and visual artist Yoko Seyama. The project 'Brittle Failure' explores this theme where a visual installation slowly morphs into a dance performance. The installation is seen from the outside, as a giant in a miniature city. The performance, however, is experienced on a human scale, from the inside. Brittle Failure is a term that indicates frailty or fragility of material. Yoko Seyama is developing the installation as 'inaccessible home' witch is a visual element connecing to public. Lesley Telford brought this project from a previous project "Migrating City" (with Heather Telford).

A thousand houses are odered on stage

Failed houses

A house on top of bridge in Teatro Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares