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A State of flux


'mini monster'

Research project 2010 Scheltema Leiden, NL
A research project to create temporary architectural interventions into the everyday fabric of its host site
supported by Scheltema and Stroom Den Haag

Yoko Seyama and Lyndsey Housden have worked in April - June 2010 in Scheltema Leiden through the building. The installation is also unused corners, corridors and stairways of Scheltema in use. This creates an alternative, sensitive architecture that responds to existing buildings and the movement of visitors.

Visitors can touch all the work, try and play. The psychological impact has been likened to gardening. So look for alternatives to Seyama Housden and static architecture and they seek space in a state of flux that reacts to touch, light and movement.

Stretch & Flex at the meeting, anyone interested in space and architecture discussions with the artists invited to talk to. Flux in workshops, visitors are encouraged themselves to build the structures.

Festive openingFriday June 11 17:45
Stretch & flex Tuesday June 29 20:00
Flux Workshops Friday July 2 from 20:00 - 23:00


Seyama & Housden 's note 'work in progress' + Expo report


'wind tunnel'


'temporary privacy'


'wind tunnel'

'wind tunnel'

'mini monster'

'Leiden map'