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AMA KO - raindrums

Site-specific sound visual installation

AMAKO raindrums by Yoko Seyama from Yoko Seyama on Vimeo.


quicktime 3'54'' (also available in You Tube > > http://youtu.be/dRnA8GJctww )

This installation AMA KO represents the experience and memory of rain.
Precipitation that falls on the surface of the earth, in the nearby surroundings, on roof-tops, streets,
leaves: accumulating in puddles, cities, on the country side, in a forest.
In the particular case of this installation, water falls from a height of 25 meters though the interior of
the building. Different layers of water drums positioned in the middle of stairwell counting 139 steps are
caused to sound.
Yoko Seyam is commissioned by Kate Moore to make a water drum installation for the Rain project which
was exposed to public as a first showing of a prototype ‘water drum installation’ in Korzo 5HOOG theater
on 7th, 8th October 2010. also additionally on 9th, 10th October, 18th, 19th, 20th November 2010, the
installation was planned to be shown individually.

Installation : Yoko Seyama
Collaboration : Dirk Haubrich
Assist : Yukari Sawaki
Corporation : Mr. Kino (Kino Caribbean Pan maker) ,   Wilma Marijnessen
  Kengo Maekawa (Japanese Ceramist), Korzo production team
Supported by STROOM Den Haag, Korzo Theater
Location : KORZO Theater stair case from ground floor – 6th floor
  Actual size: 4m x 0.45m x 25m (height), 139 Steps




Technical dcument