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transient landscapes

Performative installation / intractive installation

collaboration work with Lyndsey Housden
Performer : Helen Pokrovskaia, Irene van Geest, Wen-Chin Fu, Yolanda Uriz
PD004, Koninklijke Academie Van Beeldende Kunsten
Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 Den Haag
MA artscience Graduation Exposition 2009 / Sat 27 June - 4 July

photo by Jurriaan Brobbel



This work the 3rd version of a research project "Sentient Architecture project" in collaboration with my artscience colleague Lyndsey Housden since December 2008. We research flexible materials which create the certain structure in a moment and the structure itself transfers by humans action or even by small change of the space condition. That causes organic structures sentimentally.

Through this research, creating sceneries of sentient structures by pure materials, we found in those activities of making momental structure by elastics, there is similar idea to psychological "gardening".

see more about this research >>>"Sentient Architecture project"

<triangle grid system>
For this project, I have made 57.7cm triangle grid system which you can create elastic constructures more even.

<ceiling height 8m>
Fortunatelly(unfortunately), the space had the height of 8m!!, so that fixing elasttics we had to go up to the ceiling by the scaffold!


Drocera Capensis

Installation for Dance Performance

concept and installation : Lyndsey Housden and Yoko Seyama
scenography : Yoko Seyama (light, video)
choreography : Pedro Goucha Gomes
live music : Miguelangel Clerc
Dancer : Pedro Goucha Gomes, Genevieve Osbourn-Horvath, David Wilde

part of the dance evening "Present of Past"Korzo production
Korzo5HOOG Den Haag
29 Oct - 31 Oct 2009