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Sentient Architecture - collaboration

Intructive installation

Group exchibition in Belgrade "Elastic work 3"

collaboration work with Lyndsey Housden, a part of "Sentient Architecture project"

This was a group exhibition 'Med!aphosis' in Belgrade, Serbia in April 7 - 21, 2009.
I have traveled and presented with my artscience collegues.
The installation was made for people to play with, making their own shapes. There are several island of concentrated vertical elastics. The image looked almost like water falls, but as long as people start creating a new shapes, shows immediately a new scenery. This work was inspired by the growth of bacteria which Lyndsey has been researching since 2008.

about The exhibition " med!aphosis "
Galerija Doma omladine, Beograd




guide for public "how to weave"