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Mémoires d’Oubliettes

Set design for a dance piece by Jiří Kylián (The Nederland Dans Theater, Den Haag, Premièred 28 Oct 2009)

Mémoires d‘Oubliettes

'Mémoires d'Oubliettes', the set design for the choreographer Jiří Kylián. There are three big walls, surrounding the stage made of elastic with total length of 42 kilometers. During the performance, the walls start twisting the three dimensional space.  Elastic is an attractive material to transform the space momentary, which I had been working over years.

Choreography by Jiří Kylián
Music: Dirk Haubrich (original score)
Costume design: Joke Visser
Light design: Kees Tjebbes
Set design: Yoko Seyama (concept: Jiří Kylián)
Video design: Jason Akira Somma
Computerized projection: Tatsuo Unemi, Daniel Bisig
Voices: Sabine Kupferberg, Jiří Kylián (“Voices” in plural, not singular)
Assistant to choreographer: Lorraine Blouin

short film >> http://www.ndt.nl/en/ballets/6


photo by Joris-JanBos

photo by Joris-JanBos